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Eddie The Eagle, 2016

Last Tuesday January 26th I had passes to go see a screening of Eddie the Eagle directed by Dexter Fletcher starring up and coming actor Taron Egerton (Kingsmen, 2014 ) and Hugh Jackman. After having one of the worst weeks ever this film definitely put me in a great mood.

Eddie the Eagle is a biopic about Great Britain’s first Olympic Ski Jumper, Michael Edwards. Edwards started late in his career as a ski jumper but made a name for himself at the Winter Olympics in Calgary in 1988. He was not the best of athletes and was not a gold medal winner but he had the determination and mindset that won gold in the hearts of many.

Egerton’s performance from start to finish filled my heart with joy. This film had the perfect amount of humor and drama. Having such a charm about him and his character portrayal of Edwards, I found myself, smiling, crying, laughing, and slightly on the edge of the...

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Camino, Zoë Bell


From October 22nd to November 1st we celebrate the 24th annual Philadelphia Film Festival hosted by the [Philadelphia Film Society] (www.filmadelphia.org). This 11 day festival showcases dozens of films from around the world. On Tuesday night, the 7th day of the festival, I was lucky enough to attend a screening of Camino. Written by Daniel Noah and directed by Josh C. Waller this film is definitely one to go see in the new year.

Camino is a powerful film from start to finish. The story follows an award winning war photographer and photo journalist Avery Taggart (Zoë Bell) on her journey to capture “honest imagery”. She travels to the rough jungles of Columbia where she follows a group of missionaries led by a Spaniard, El Guero (director, Nacho Vigallondo) and records their lives on film. She finds herself in a deadly game of cat and mouse after she captures El Guerro in an...

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Sunday with Michele

Sunday afternoon I spent the day in Society Hill with my dear friend Michele Haines. I met Michele at Temple University 3 years ago while studying a Russian Language course. Michele Haines is the founder of Spring Mill Cafe. She has cooked food all over the world and has participated in many philanthropical endeavors. Learn more about Michele HERE

We met early in the morning to set the table for the lovely lunch that was in preparation. An hour went by and then we grabbed our necessities and headed out the door.

Our day began at The Headhouse where we met with a small group of people doing a tour of historic Philadelphia. Sunday at Headhouse is the meeting place for local farmers. Headhouse Farmers Market runs every Sunday from May to December between the hours of 10am- 2pm beneath the Headhouse Shambles at Headhouse Square located at 2nd and Lombard Streets.  

Michele took us under...

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Mimøs on a Friday Night

Back in March I was introduced to this band Mimøs during a show I was playing. I immediately fell in love with their music. This band, birthed in Philadelphia, is comprised of three talented artists, Carlos, Charles, and Addison, whose dedication to their craft is seen through their alluring melodies and expressive lyrics.

Friday night at The Fire I attended another one of their shows where I was introduced to a new type of instrument as well as a few songs that weren’t on their album PLAY (which you should definitely check out).


Kicking their set off with Kid Walking was a great way to get the crowd in the mood. One of the nice things about Mimøs is that they have these memorable guitar licks and drum patterns. Another nice song they played Poor Mama had a cool vibe to it, especially with Charles on guitar and Carlos on vocals & bass. (I’m actually listening to it right...

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Coming Home

Well, it’s been a few years since I’ve had a blog but I’m back and can’t wait to share life’s adventures with you. A lot has happened over the last few years, graduations, life changes etc. I won’t bore you with all the details yet by just stick around and see what’s going on in my world.

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